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“Juror 34” ran into Wilkerson at a local athletic event. He told the former PCA quality control officer, who was awaiting sentencing, that the jury considered the extrinsic evidence of the deaths caused by the Salmonella outbreak linked to PCA. Wilkerson and the Parnell brothers filed a joint motion for a new trial based on affidavits by Juror 34 and a local college journalism student who attended the proceedings and spoke with jurors after the conviction. The student, Dallas Carter, was also a freelance writer. Food Safety News published a half dozen of her articles, but only during the 2014 trial. In an affidavit, Carter claimed all the jurors knew about the deaths, and it was the “number one item of evidence” that influenced at least one juror. In response to the new trial motion, the trial court judge held two “sealed, in-chambers” hearings to investigate the alleged jury misconduct. Those hearings, conducted by U.S. District Court Judge W. Louis Sands, were under his strict control. Defense attorneys could not ask whether the death discussions impacted the verdict.

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